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Links of Interest

  • Northampton County Emergency Services
    • The MISSION of the Northampton County Department of EMS is to provide basic and advanced life support providers able to respond quickly, minimizing pain, suffering and loss when emergencies occur, by delivering the highest quality emergency care to citizens and visitors of Northampton County
  • Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore (CBES) Article "Murray's Dedication Leads to Solutions"
    • See page 2 of the linked publication for the CBES article on the establishment of The Northampton Medical Services Foundation
  • Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance
    • For more than 30 years, Nightingale has made it possible for critically ill and injured patients to reach the closest, most appropriate hospital in record time in order to have their complex illness and/or injuries immediately addressed. Nightingale is a fully functional critical care unit with advanced equipment and abilities that include a ventilator, EKG and defibrillators, an intra-aortic balloon pump, and an ultrasound machine.  While saving precious moments, Nightingale provides the most sophisticated en route trauma care to the most gravely injured patients, all at thousands of feet above the ground.





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